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Started in 1986 by Olga and Alex Bordack then joined by Fred Kogan

Aloc Beauty Supply has served the Salon Professional since 1986

It was 1986 and Olga Bordack, a trained Chemist, was once again left standing and waiting for her boss to pick her up and take her to work in NJ.  On that day she had enough, she quit her job and began going salon door to salon door selling the wax she created.  It was not long after that Aloc Beauty Products came to be.

Twenty eight years later Aloc Beauty has endured and prospered in the salon supply industry.  We stand to help salons both large and small carry out their services by suplying all prodcuts for manicures, pedicures, skin care, spa and waxing.  Feel confident when dealing with us, chances are you will speak directly with the owners.


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